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We know what we breed and we train what we breed.

Breeding and Training in one hand - Gabor Szilasi



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Hands on Experience, Knowledge and Consistency

Gabor has over 45 years of documented actual hands on training, selection and handling of dogs, from a sport, family and certified k9 standpoint. This gives us the integral and the required foundation for our breeding program; this experience was before we started. We did not jump into breeding after a just few years of only owning one German Shepherd: we ensured that we had a solid foundation in evaluation, selection, work, pedigrees and hands on experience with multiple dogs, multiple pedigrees.



“Breeding and training in one hand

This hands on and personal focus results in the most successful breeding programs in the world. It is the established standard for some

of the strongest, consistent, long term and successful working kennels in Germany, Austria, Sweden, Belgium, Hungary and Denmark

and the same goal that we strive for; excellence in breeding, health, temperament and training/competing that we do ourselves. That is how all the top working kennels in Europe started out and some still continue to do to this day.



We have a focused and responsible breeding program with a goal

We breed dogs that we would want for ourselves.  That is why we keep dogs back from our breeding program to work/train ourselves, so that we personally know what we are breeding.  To be a correct and ethical breeder and be targeted on the holistic focus of breeding, a

true breeder needs to personally know, train, trial and experience what they are breeding. Our dogs live with us, not at other locations

and/or other homes/locations, waiting to be bred.


We take the extra effort ourselves and go above and beyond to train and compete with our own dogs

It is not a question of whether you have the ability or not to know a good dog; it is the consistent hands on experience, certified

training (in multiple venues) and trialing/testing at all levels that completes the process.  This is critical.

  • How can one evaluate puppies or dogs for family homes, K9, Search and Rescue, IPO and/or any level of competition or show        when they have not personally consistently done the real training and actual hands on work from the start to the finish, including selection and competition?

  • Due to Gabor’s extensive experience, we talk directly to and consistently train with fellow breeders and competitors in Europe that focus on the same true breeding goals. Hands on experience and information that is within a small, specific circle  focused on    dogs, training and sport/work. Gabor has worked numerous top dogs, himself and as a helper, from different pedigrees and abilities   in Europe and in the US. He innately understands the way the different bloodlines cross; what works and what does not prior to breeding. You must educate yourself always in training, evaluation and genetics in order to have a breeding program. 

We do not claim to "have" working German Shepherds - we do have working German Shepherds that we train, work ourselves.  We do

not purchase titled dogs from brokers to breed, hold the leash during training and state that we are "training, working dogs", and/or have employees take care of and train/title dogs very quickly somewhere else.  We take care of our dogs ourselves every day.  All our dogs are trained from the beginning and competed with by us on the field; some that go from local trials to the World level events- we know our dogs.  


The working title itself is a reflection of the training and competing - this is how you learn and evaluate the abilities and temperament of

your dog.  You can confirm that we have really personally titled dogs; we do not claim to have titled dogs in schutzhund; we have done it.


Our dogs are working titled, breed surveyed, hip certified ("a" stamp or OFA hip certifications), DNA'd, and tested in all kinds of       conditions, strange locations (not home fields and property) and environments. The pedigrees of own dogs are from some of the top  German, Belgium and Czech lines; pedigrees and dogs that Gabor is familiar working with, seeing on the local to top competition fields    and handling himself. You can see our dogs on the training fields and at the different levels (club to World level) competitions, as well         as in the community.  We consistently look at studs for consistently proven dogs in health, no faults, temperament and working ability       in the US and in Europe to bring back into our breeding program.  Dogs and bloodlines that we have hands on experience with and that     we have seen, tested ourselves: proven  dogs that we have seen progeny from, both here in the USA and in Europe, on the USA National     fields and European World fields.


EVERY puppy and dog that carries the Tajgetosz kennel name represents us as a breeder. It is our job and obligation to breed for temperament and health first; working ability and structure follows. The most important thing to us when breeding is the dog’s animal’s fitness, the overall health and the genetic background (ancestors).


Gabor's background is unparalleled in evaluation and selection of puppies and dogs.

Our puppies are socialized with small/active children, different surfaces and environments.  Prior to going their new home, they are vaccinated,  handled by different people, exposed to a collar and leash, started in crate training, travel in a crate in a car multiple times     and evaluated.  We take additional time in the final selection, as any good breeder that works/trains dogs know that puppies would do. 


We are a real registered kennel though Schutzhund UScA as well as the FCI in Europe, active members in Schutzhund UScA with a true active club, MEOE (FCI member), DVG and register our litters through AKC and FCI/SV.



Airline shipping is from Nashville, TN (BNA) airport.  Normal requirements are vet health certificate, up to date shot and worming records,    all puppies are tattoo'd, micro-chipped and AKC registered or SV registered (dependent on the litter).


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For information, contact Gabor Szilasi by email at gabor@k9imports.com or mobile at 615-714-4737

       von Tajgetosz German Shepherds is located in Nashville, TN.

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