Gabor started training dogs in 1968 with his 1st German Shepherd.  He not only has the hands on training, experience and competitions, but the documented certifications (not just "years" in dogs).


         Worked for and certified by the Hungarian military; evaluating, selecting and training instructors, handlers and dogs. Certified European Military K9 instructor/trainer since 1976. 

         Certified European teaching, training and trial helper since 1976.

         During over 45 years in the dog sport, has personally titled own dogs to SCH3/VK3/IPO3/FH, multiple other dogs dogs to SCH1 and 2. Has trained over 1,000s of dogs/all breeds for problem solving, basic and advanced obedience, tracking and problem solving in all phases.

         Active member in National and European Working dog clubs, consistently training and trialing.

         Has been on the WUSV team (formally the European Championships, now the World Championships) 28 times with dogs that he has trained completely from a puppy/young dog to the highest level (Handler Owner Trained). He has qualified a total of 29 times.

         5 times National Champion in Hungary and Youth National Champion in Hungary.

         Numerous competitions at the local, regional, national level and World level, both in Europe and in the US each year. 


 The following is the list of World Championships - this does not include the National/World Team qualifications in the USA and in Europe that Gabor

 competes in multiple times a year to qualify for the below World events.


 Year                 Dog (all trained by Gabor)

 1976-1978        Axel SCH3,VK3 (1976: 10th place, Gabor 22 years old)


 1989-1996        Bavaria Larry SCH3, IPO3, VK3. In 1995, Gabor was 20th place.


  2001-2003       KK1 Drigon from Korinthiakos SCH3,IPO3,VK3,FH      


 2005                 KK1 Molinari Enzo SCH3,IPO3,VK3,FH                                 

 2006                 KK1 Molinari Enzo SCH3,IPO3,VK3,FH (Qualified for 3 World teams - 2xFCI, WUSV)                    

 2007-2008         KK1 Molinari Enzo SCH3,IPO3,VK3, FH: both the FCI and WUSV World Teams.   

                         Team Captain for 2008 WUSV Worlds Hungarian Team

                         Invited to the 2008 Masters Tournament


2009                  World Team practice helper for the entire WUSV USA team in Krefeld, Germany


2010-2012          KK1 Frodo van de Biezenhoeve SCH3,IPO3,HPO3 on both FCI & WUSV World Teams.

 Invited to the 2011 Masters Tournament

                         Hungary places 2nd at the 2012 FCI World Championships!


2012                  KK1 Griff von Tajgetosz SCH3, IPO3 is 2nd place at USCA Nationals and high Breeder Handler Owner Trained and High Mid East Region Competitor!


2013                  KK1 Griff von Tajgetosz SCH3, IPO3  wins the Hungarian Nationals World Qualifier, in Europe.

 KK1 Griff von Tajgetosz SCH3, IPO3 competes on both 2013 FCI World and 2013 WUSV World Teams.  


2013                  KK1 Frodo van de Biezenhoeve SCH3,IPO3,HPO3 on both FCI & WUSV World Teams.


2014                  KK1 Frodo van de Biezenhoeve SCH3,IPO3,HPO3 on the FCI World Team.



Gabor is the only breeder in the USA with a dog from his breeding program on the 2013 FCI and/or 2013 WUSV World Team.


This is a 1st for any German Shepherd breeder in the USA and a 1st for a Breeder Handler Owner Trained dog!



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For information, contact Gabor Szilasi by email at or mobile at 615-714-4737

       von Tajgetosz German Shepherds is located in Nashville, TN.

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